Rosenthal, Hugo (Jashuvi, Joseph)

הוגו רוזנטל (יוסף ישובי)

Hugo Rosenthal (Joseph Jashuvi) was born on 14.12.1887 in Lage (Lippe) and died on 6.12.1980 in Haifa, Israel. He was born to a low-income Jewish family of 9 children. Hugo studied at a Rabbi-Seminary and at a Jewish teacher seminary in Münster/Westf. He taught at Samson-School in Wolfenbüttel. Hugo was a very early member of the Zionist youth movement and a member of Blau-Weiß. Later, he joined Brit Haolim. After WWI, he did Hachschara and became a teacher for sport and handicraft. Afterwards, he married the pianist Betty (Yehudit) nee Goldschmidt, and in 1925 he immigrated to Palestine with his family, where he tought at the school of Artur Biram in Haifa sports and handicrafts until 1929, when he returned to Germany. After his return to Germany, he studied in Berlin and worked at a Jewish elementary school in Berlin-Rykestr. He studied the psychology of Jung and conducted studies on the psychology of the Jewish child. Since 1933, he demanded for an independent Jewish educational systems, which prepares for emigration to Palestine. He headed the country boarding school (Landerziehungsheim) Herrlingen/Ulm until its liquidation in 1939. After his second emigration in 1939 to Palestine, he worked for one year in Ben Shemen youth village. Between 1940-1958, he headed the Ahawah-home after Beate Berger had died. After 1958, he did research work on pedagogical and psychological topics and published a textbook titled Erziehung und Tradition.

In 1943, his eldest son, Gabriel, was killed while serving in the British army. Not long afterward, the towns learned that three of their sisters and other family members had been murdered by the Nazis.

Upon his retirement in February 1957, he was awarded in Geneva for his educational activities on behalf of The International Save the Children Union. In the framework of the 45th anniversary of "Youth Aliyah" (1977), he was awarded the title "Yakir Aliyat Hanoar". Over the years he has researched, written and published psychological and educational studies, legends, and reflections. Some of them were published in his book "Education and Tradition" (1966), and some of them are stored in his estate, which is in the Yad Vashem Archives in Jerusalem. He also wrote in German his memoirs from his childhood and youth – between the years 1887-1914, and the book was translated into Hebrew by his son Uriel Yashubi in 2003.

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