Chayuth, Zvia (born Glick)

צביה חיות-גליק
Zvia Chayuth (née Glick) was born in 1908 in Jerusalem and died in 1995 in Israel. She was married in 1927 to an Austrian Jew who had immigrated to Palestine in 1923, and the coupled travelled to Vienna and returned to Jerusalem in 1929. In 1929 she gave birth to her first son, who eventually lost his sight and later died in a terror attack in 1943. She completed her diploma in social work at the University of Vienna in that same year. In 1934, her second son was born, and in 1937 she studied at the Siddy Wronsky School of Social services in Jerusalem, from which she graduated in 1939. The topic of her final paper was the Development of Modern Education for the Blind and its Influence on the Work in Israel. In 1944, Zvia published a book in Hebrew entitled Blindness and Blind People Around the World and In Our Country, based on a study she conducted in an institute for blind people in Jerusalem’s school for the blind, Beit Chinuch Ivrim. She then she travelled to Chicago in 1947 and completed her MA in social work. In 1960, Zvia published another study about services for the blind, and throughout the 1960s, she led the Israeli social services for the blind until her retirement in 1970. Additionally, Zvia was a board member of the Saad Journal, the official Israeli social work journal, from the 1950s through the1970s. She published articles in the journal in the memory of Siddy Wronsky, with whom she had worked closely.
Yehudah Aryeh Glick (married to Hasida Glick)
Was married to an austrian Jew. They had two children, the younger one died 1943 in a terror attack