Cohn, Else

אלזה/עלזה כהן
Else Cohn was born on 15 or 25.8.1900 in Luckenwalde, Germany and died in Israel. Else was a member of the ‘Jüdischer Frauenbund’ (Jewish women's union) and chaired the local Leipzig group with a focus on family welfare work. She was married to the rabbi Gustav Cohn, who was a cousin of Eva Cohn. Between 1921 and 1923, Else studied social work in Frankfurt and did practical training at several institutions for Jewish children's and youth welfare work, among them the Jewish children's home in Fehrbelliner Strasse, Berlin. From 1925–1935, Else was a social worker in the Jewish community in Berlin, headed the department for children's residential care (‘Erholungsheime’), cooperated with the ‘Jüdische Kinderhilfe’, headed one of seven welfare offices for the Jewish community in Berlin (family welfare work), acted as the manager and head of the volunteers at the office, worked with families, and did fundraising. In 1936, she immigrated to Palestine. From 1937 on, she worked at Histadrut and at the children's office in Tel Aviv. Later, she worked in Ramat Gan. In 1940, Else started work as a social worker in Tel Aviv and was a member of the women's workers union. Still in 1974, Else volunteered as a social worker with blind people.
Was married to Gustav Cohn, a Rabbi
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Archival Materials
Central Zionist Archives, J1\31001, 31193; Municipal Archives Frankfurt/Main V6 Nr. 35