Jacobi, Grete (born Rabow)

גרטה יעקבי (נולדה ראבו/רבאו)
Grete Jacobi (née Rabow) was born on 23.1.1910 in Königsberg, Germany and died on 22.4.1973 in Tel Aviv. Her mother, Paula Rabow, was a singer and her father, Albert Rabow, was an insurance agent. Grete married Hermann Jacobi (1910-1988), an architect, in 1933 and they immigrated together to Palestine in the same year. They eventually had two children. Hermann became an advertising professional in Tel Aviv. Grete had received commercial training in Germany and worked as saleswoman in Palestine. She was a member of the Zionistische Studentengruppe (ZIST), the Zionist Student Union and of the Zionistische Vereinigung für Deutschland (ZVfD), the Zionist Association in Germany. Later, she worked as a secretary for the aliyah department of the ZVfD. In Palestine, she worked as a writer until 1944, after which she did volunteer work at the office for immigrant welfare under the direction of. Beginning in1948, she founded workshops for the elderly and for Mirjam Hoffert-Horani people with physical disabilities. Between 1958 and 1973, she was a social worker in Tel Aviv and worked with new immigrants. She was a member of Hitachduth Olei Germania (H.O.G.), the Aliyah Hadasha organization, the Progressive Party, the Independent Liberal Party and the Soroptimist International organization, (SI), a global volunteer organization advocating for human rights and gender equality.
Paula Rabow (born Wohlgemut, 1874 in Kielau - 1861 Tel Aviv), a singer
Albert Rabow, (1869 Karthaus - 1939 Tel Aviv), an insurance agent
Fritz Shlomo (born 1908 in Königsberg), Ingenieur, 1933 emigr. to Palestine; Annemarie Posner (born 1917 in Königsberg), emigr. 1935 to Palestine.
Grete was married to Hermann Jacobi (1910 Koenigsberg - 1988 ), an architect who later became an advertizing professional. They had two children.
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