Katz, Liselotte

ליזולט עליזה כץ
Liselotte Aliza Katz was born on 25.5.1904 in Kassel, Germany. She studied in a commercial high school in Kassel and worked as a secretary for two years in a commercial firm. Following this, Liselotte worked for one year in a Jewish orphanage in Hamburg and received household management training in preparation for her social work studies. She attended the Soziale Frauenschule in Frankfurt am Main around the years 1926 through 1927, where she was trained as a social worker, with an emphasis on economic and occupational welfare work. At the end of 1929, Liselotte immigrated to Palestine. During her first year in Palestine, she lived in Tiberias, studying Hebrew and learning about the country. She then moved to Jerusalem and worked as a volunteer in kindergartens, among them the Histadrut kindergarten in the Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood in East Jerusalem, and a summer camp of Histadrut Nashim, the Women’s Workers Union, located in Jerusalem’s Talpiot neighborhood. She later volunteered as a social worker at Histadrut Nashim and at the welfare office of the Jerusalem municipality under Zipora Bloch. She also devoted time to studying Arabic.
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