Katzenstein, Jenny

זניה (ג'ני) כצנשטיין
Anna Jenny (Jenya) Katzenstein was born on 12.7.1903 in Hersfeld/Hessen to Wilhelmine Martha and Julius Katzenstein and died in Israel (year unknown). Her parents were Julius (born 7.2.1880 in Elberfeld) and Wilhelmine Martha (born Paschhoff). Jenny had two sisters. Between 1920 and 1921, Jenny attended the household management school of the Israeli humanitarian women's union in Segeberg. She then worked in the business sector for two and a half years before spending three years working in the educational field. From 1926 through 1928, she completed the full course of social work studies at Soziale Frauenschule Berlin-Schöneberg. She interned in a home for orphans in Berlin, the Waisenerziehungsanstalt des Frauenvereins directed by Ida Heinrich. She had another internship at a Jewish recreational center of B’nai B’rith in Dresden. The topic of her final paper was “Educational Thought in Modern Juvenile Criminal Law.” Later, she immigrated to Palestine in 1936 or 1937 and worked for two months in 1937 in the Department of Social Work of the Haifa municipality, having been highly recommended by Jenya Twersky, another German-Jewish social worker in Palestine/Israel.
Wilhelmine Martha (born Paschhoff)
Julius (born 7.2.1880 in Elberfeld)
Jenny had two sisters
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Archival Materials
Central Zionist Archives, Jerusalem (J1\32257); Archives: Alice-Salomon-Archives, Berlin (C2.9); Federal Archives, Berlin (54 WGA 514-515/62, 54 WGA 514-515/62))