Landauer, Georg

גיאורג לנדאואר/לנדואר

Georg Landauer was born on 17.11.1895 in Cologne, Germany and died on 4.2.1954 in New York, USA. Georg Landauer was a lawyer, journalist, and Zionist leader. He was active in the Zionist youth movement Blau-Weiss and the student organization Kartell Juedischer Verbindungen. He was a founder of the German branch of Ha-Poel Ha-Zair. Landauer became director of the Berlin Palestine Office in 1925 and in 1929 of the Zionist Federation of Germany. After his emigration to Palestine in 1934, he was involved in politics in the Yishuv, especially as founder of Aliyah Hadasha, a political party based by the German immigrant community, and in other immigration matters, particularly as financial director of Youth Aliyah. Landauer served twenty years (1934-1954) as a managing director of the Jewish Agency Central Bureau for the Settlement of German Jews. After the Second World War ended he was involved in negotiating for reparations and restitution of the property of German Jews in Germany. He emigrated to the United States in 1953.

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