Lewin, Yehudith (born Margolin)

יהודית מרגולין-לוין
Yehudith Lewin (née Margolin) was born in 1907 in Jaffa, Palestine to a family from Odessa. She was married to Aminadav Lewin. Yehudit's granddaughter is the famous writer Yehudith Katzir, who wrote a Hebrew biography about her. Yehudit Lewin studied education in Tel Aviv in 1927 and worked for one year with Yemenite girls and adults. In 1928, she moved to Berlin, where she was trained to work in kindergartens, schools, nursery schools and orphanages. After 1929, she studied in a school for household management, after which she worked with several Jewish institutions in Berlin. These included the Verein Jugendheim-Charlottenburg, where she taught, Berlin’s Jugendamt, and other institutions. After returning to Palestine, she studied social work at Siddy Wronsky’s School for Social Sevices in Jerusalem in 1942. Yehudit published some papers on issues in social work and worked at the welfare office in Kiryat Ata.
She was married to Aminadav Lewin
Archival Materials
Central Zionist Archive, Jerusalem (J1\7761/2)