Mainz, Bertha

ברכה ברתה/ברטל מיינץ
Bertha Bracha Mainz was born in 1901 in Halle, Germany to Jenny Schloss and Michael Löb Mainz and she grew up with eight brothers and sisters. She trained in a Jewish household management school, from which she graduated as an institutional clerk, or Anstaltsbeamtin, receiving state certification in 1925. Additionally, she received some non-formal training engaging in practical social work, having worked in several youth welfare institutions, such as the children's day home of a Jewish women's union in Cologne, a orphanage in Leipzig, the welfare department of the Jewish community in Düsseldorf, a girl's orphanage in Kassel, and in a Jewish settlement in Hamburg-Altona. In addition, she was a member of the religious Mizrachi movement in Germany. In May 1935, she applied for a job with the Youth Aliyah program in Jerusalem, then led by Henrietta Szold. Bertha immigrated to Palestine in April 1936 and lived in the Rechavia neighborhood of Jerusalem. In 1956, Bertha worked at the Women’s International Zionist Organization (WIZO) in Jerusalem.
Jenny Schloss
Michael Löb Mainz
Had eight brothers and sisters
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