Nahmani, Irene (born Fried)

אירנה נחמני
Irene (Irena) Nahmani (née Fried) was born on 18.9.1910 in Berlin and died on 20.2.1996 in Kibbutz Afek, Israel. Her father was Christian and her mother was Jewish. She studied at the Sozialpädagogische Seminar of the Verein Jugendheim in Berlin-Charlottenburg; between 1930 and 1933 (Jugendleiterinnenseminar), and worked in an orphanage and with deaf children. She immigrated to Budapest and returned to Berlin before her immigration to Palestine in 1936. She was married to Gerhart Gabriel Nahmani, who was a librarian. Irene worked as a kindergarten carer in Kibbutz Afek, and later founded a children and youth club funded by the youth aliyah for child refugees.
Was married to Gerhart Gabriel Nahmani, a librarian.