Rosenstein, Mirjam (born Rosenblum, married names Warszawski, Wolff)

מרים רוזנבלום (התגרשה וורשבסקי, התאלמנה וולף, התחתנה רוזנשטיין)
Mirjam Rosenblum (married names Warszawski, Wolff, Rosenstein) was born on 3.3.1911 in Berlin. Her mother was Gertrud Rosenthal (married name Rosenblum, née Vogelsdorff), who was a director of a business. Gertrud was deported to Riga, and died on 9.5.1945. Gertrud's second husband was Erich Rosenthal, who was deported together with her. Mirjam's father was Hermann Rosenblum, and her siblings were Alexander Rosenblum, Eva Thea (Chava) Perls. All three children went to high school. Mirjam attended a Realschule in Berlin and left it in 1928. From 1928 to 1929 she attended commercial school also in Berlin. Afterwards, she worked as a typist until 1931. Later, she trained in social work at the Soziale Frauenschule, 1931–33. She was unemployed for two years and volunteered at Choluz in that time, before working as a social worker from 1935–1938 at the Jewish community employment agency. Mirjam emigrated first to the Netherlands in November 1938, then in summer 1939 to Palestine, to Kibbutz Giwath Brenner. In 1944 she married Michael Wolff, with whom she moved to Ben Schemen, where she lived until 1954. Michael worked there and died in 1954.They had a daughter. After her husband's death, Mirjam moved to Jerusalem, and during the 1950s worked as a social worker with families. In 1990 she moved to Haifa. In 1958, she married Helmut Zwi Rosenstein (born in 1911, a piano teacher).
Gertrud Rosenthal (married name Rosenblum, née Vogelsdorff), a director of a business. Gertrud was deported to Riga, and died on 9.5.1945
Hermann Rosenblum
Alexander Rosenblum
Eva Thea (Chava) Perls
Mr. Warszawski (divorced); Michael Wolff (died 1954), with whom she moved to Ben Schemen and lived there until 1954. They had a daughter, Edna; Helmut Zwi Rosenstein (born 1911), a piano teacher.
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Archival Materials
Alice-Salomon-Archives, Berlin (C2.22); Federal Archives, Berlin (WGA 908-911/59); ate Office for Residents' and Regulatory Affairs, Berlin (171489)