Rosenthal, Ruth (born Hirsch)

רות רוזנטל (הירש)
Ruth Rosenthal (née Hirsch) was born on 18.2.1910 in Golub, near Thorn, then in Germany, and died in Israel (year unknown). Her father was Eduard Hirsch and her mother was Meta (née Neisser). Between 1927 and 1929, Ruth did her training as a kindergarten carer at the ‘Sozialpädagogische Seminar’ of the ‘Verein Jugendheim’, before working as a kindergarten carer for the JFB in Breslau from 1929–1930 and later on for other Jewish organizations. She immigrated in October 1933 to Palestine, lived in several Kibbutzim until 1935 and married Moshe Max Rosenthal in 1947. The first few years, she did agricultural work. At the end of the '30s, she was able to work as kindergarten teacher, but was paid as an unskilled worker because of language problems. From 1953 she ran a bookstore in Kiryat Ono.
Meta Hirsch (born Neisser)
Eduard Hirsch