Schattner, Naomi (born Blumfeld, Hilde )

הילדה בלומנפלד (נעמי שטנר)
Naomi Schattner was born as Hilde Blumenfeld on 21.8.1909 in Hanau in Germany and died on 1.2.2012 in Jerusalem. Naomi studied at the pedagogical academy in Frankfurt and graduated as a teacher in 1931. She subsequently moved to Oslo but returned to Germany in 1933 to work at the Jewish Home for Children in Caputh until 1934. In 1936, she immigrated to Palestine where she attended courses for immigrant educators. In her first years in Palestine, she worked with youth aliyah or immigrant youth, in the Ahava children's home in Kiryat Bialik, which was the successor institution of the Ahawah Orphanage in Berlin-Auguststr. Later, she worked as a teacher, an educator and a psychotherapist. Naomi was married to the geographer Prof. Yitzhak Schattner and was a member of the Hapoel Hamizrachi movement.
Prof. Yitzhak Schattner, a geographer
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