Tchernovitz-Avidar, Yemima (born Tchernovitz)

ימימה אבידר-טשרנוביץ

Yemima Tchernovitz-Avidar (née Tchernovitz) was born on 8. or 26.10.1909 in Vilnius and died on 20.4.1998 in Jerusalem. She was a famous author of children's literature in Israel, and her works are considered classics. In her childhood, Hebrew was spoken at home and the Jewish culture was very important. At the age of 12, she arrived in Palestine together with her family. When she was just 14, her first work was published: a short story in the New York children's newspaper ‘Eden’. In 1930, she went to Germany to study social work and later pedagogy with Charlotte Bühler in Berlin and Alfred Adler and Anna Freud in Vienna. There, she met her husband Yosef Rochel (1906–1995). After her return to Tel Aviv, she worked as an educator and director of a kindergarten until 1945. During her time as a kindergarten teacher, she wrote her first children's books. In 1953 she moved with her family to Jerusalem. In 1985, the Institute for Children's Literature at Beit Berl college was named Merkaz Yemima after her.

Bella Tchernovitz (born Feldman)
Samuel Tchernovitz, a writer and lournalist
Jacob, a diplomat (later Tsur).
Alexander (later Tsur)
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