Filene, Dorothy (born Finkelstein, Dorothea (Dora) Henriette)

ca. 1925, courtesy of Leo Baeck Institute
דורותי (דורה) פלינה (פינקלשטיין)
Dorothy Filene (Dorothea Finkelstein) was born on 19.6.1908 in Berlin and died on 17.11.1993 in Jamaica. She was trained as a Kindergarten teacher and a social worker at the social-pedagogical seminary of the 'Verein Jugendheim' Berlin-Charlottenburg of Anna von Gierke. She emigrated in 1933 to Palestine, where she could not find a job as a social worker. She emigrated again in 1935 to the U.S. Dorothy had another training as a social worker at the New York school for social work and worked subsequently in Jewish social work, amongst other things as an American representative in a Displaced Persons Camp in Germany (JOINT). She later worked in a number of other places providing social assistance, such as with the United Service for New Americans, the Children’s Service, and the Jewish Federation of Youngstown, Ohio.
Helene Finkelstein (born Wallach)
Leopold Finkelstein (10.10.1872 in Zabrze (Hindenburg) - 25.5.1936 in New York, U.S.), a merchant.
Herman L. Filene (born Finkelstein, 17.2.1906 in Berlin - 1935, New York), an insurance agent. Emigrated in 1934 to the U.S.
Was not married and had no children.
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Leo-Baeck-Institute (; State Office for Residents' and Regulatory Affairs, Berlin, Reg.-Nr. 161994; Alice-Salomon-Archives; Municipal Archives, Berlin, 63 WGA 6082/59