Shifman, Vera (Eva) (née Pulvermacher)

ורה (אווה) שיפמן (נולדה פולפרמאכר/פולברמאכר)

Vera Shiffmann (née Pulvermacher) was born in 1902 in Berlin and died in 1981 in Haifa. In Berlin, she lived in Warmserstrasse 12 (nowadays part of the KDW storage). Her mother and sister were sick and died by the time Vera was 21. Her father (Jack-Yaacov Pulvermacher) was a merchant for clothing. Vera studied kinder gardening at the PFH in Berlin, and worked in Prenzlauerberg with Eva Cohn, and she immigrated in 1933 to Palestine following Cohen. Vera's father followed her in 1934, and later established a hotel (Dolphin House) in Israel. In Israel, Vera worked in books editing and as a social worker in Haifa with immigrants (Einwandererheimes). Between 1935-1946 she headed the Merkaz Klita "Geulim - Maon Oley Merkaz Europa' (immigration center for European immigrants) in Haifa, which was the first place immigrants came to in Palestine. She lived in Haifa (Achusa neighbourhood, Morad-Hazamir St), and was befriended with Henrietta Sold (youth Alyah) Zeev Glick (psychologist) and Hans Beyth from youth Alyah, where she volunteered after 1946 for many years. In 1951 she came back to Berlin to visit her relatives that survived and also applied for compensations and visited her old elementary school. Vera was married around 1935 to Nachum Munya Shifman. They had 2 children (daughter Ruth shifman-Alon and son Yoram shifman).

Jack-Yaacov Pulvermacher, a merchant
Married to Nachum Munya Shifman. They had two children.
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