Bergman, Elisabeth (Lisbeth/Elisheva) born Altman))

אלישבע (ליסבט, אליזבט) ברגמן (נולדה אלטמן)
Elisabeth (Lisbeth/Elisheva) Bergman (née Altman) was born in 1900 in Düsseldorf, Germany to Hannah and Salli Altman and died in 1965 in Kfar Saba in Israel. In Germany, she was a social worker and a journalist focusing on social work issues. She lived in Magdeburg before immigrating to Palestine in 1933. Elisabeth was married to Eliezer Bergman, a doctor, and they had three daughters. In Palestine, she served as a librarian at a school for social work and established and headed an organization for the blind in Hasharon region and later in Kfar Saba. She published an article in 1963 about volunteering with the blind in the Saad Journal.
Hannah Altman
Sali Altman
Was married to Eliever Bergman, a doctor. They had three daughters Geula Friedman, Rina Vardi and Bilhhaa Bergman.
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