Lewin, Mirjam (born Levy)

מריאן/מרינה/מרים לוין (נולדה לוי)
Mirjam Lewin (née Marianne Levy) was born on 10.3.1909 in Berlin. The place and date of her death are unknown. She was the daughter of Katharina/Käthe Dr. Ernst Levy, a lawyer and notary. Before her immigration to Palestine, Marianne lived in Berlin-Charlottenburg. In 1927, she attended a domestic science school of a children's home, Zion Lodge, in Norderney. Between 1927 and 1929, she trained as kindergarten teacher at the Pestalozzi-Fröbel-Haus in Berlin. Following the completion of her studies, she worked as an assistant in the afterschool care of the Jewish community Adaß-Jisroel, was the head of a private kindergarten and worked in Jewish children's homes in Berlin. Beginning in 1932, she attended the Soziale Frauenschule in Berlin-Schöneberg, but left the school in 1933 without graduating due to health reasons. She interned in several places, including a Jewish holiday home nearby Königsberg belonging to the B'nai B'rith Order and at the Zentrale für private Fürsorge, the Central Office for Private Welfare in Berlin. She immigrated to Palestine in the summer of 1933. There, she worked as a kindergarten teacher in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem between 1933 and 1939, and later as an employee at the Hapoel Hamizrachi women’s movement. She established a religious kindergarten in Eilat, and was an active member in the Hapoel Hamizrachi organization. In addition, she wrote articles about pedagogy and education. In 1946, she married Erich Lewin.
Katharina/Käthe Levy (1879-1954)
Dr. Ernst Levy (died 1934), a lawyer and notary.
Married Erich Lewin in 1946
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Archival Materials
Alice-Salomon-Archives, Berlin (C2.24, C2.25); Federal Archives, Berlin (83 WGA 3520/55); National Library of Israel, Jerusalem; Federal Archives, Berlin (316.038)