Lotan, Hilde (Born Cohn, Hildegard)

הילדא לוטן
Hildegard (Hilde) Lotan (née Cohn) was born on 30.5.1902 in Nuremberg and died on 10.1.1983 in Jerusalem. She received her professional training by 1924 at the School of Social Work in Munich, where she also managed the social work department between 1928 and 1931. Afterwards, she moved to Berlin, married Georg Lubinski (Dr Giora Lotan, a judge and a well-known welfare activist in Germany and Israel), and worked there as a social worker in children's institutions. They emigrated to Palestine in 1938, and had 3 children. Between 1944 and 1945, Hilde worked at ‘Palestine Potash Limited’, and later worked as a probation officer with the British authorities. She was the coordinator of the Rehabilitation station for immigrants requiring help with becoming fit for work at the Jewish Agency (MALBAN), was a consultant for the social work department in the Tel Aviv Municipality, and an instructor at Siddy Wronsky's school of social work in Jerusalem. On January 1, 1968, Hilde retired and began working as a volunteer for several innovative projects. In 1969, along with Fanny Ollendorf, she developed the idea and practice of personal care for lonely elderly people in several neighbourhoods in Jerusalem. Between 1969 and 1974 she established ‘Matav’ – a company for professional caregivers for the elderly. In 1970 she developed a unique treatment for young people who were neither studying nor in work, and conducted a comprehensive study about the causes and needs of that group. On 23 October 1977 she received the President's Award for volunteering. In 1978 she developed the Association of Services for the Elderly, which also won her an award. In March 1978 she established a programme training retirees to become tour guides. And in May 1980 she continued involving seniors and young people in the community.
Was married to Dr. Giora Lotan (born Georg Lubinski), a judge and a well known welfare activist in Germany and Israel. They had three children
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