Lowitsch, Mirjam (born Margolinski)

Edith Mirjam Lowitsch (née Margolinski) was born in 1913 in Berlin and died in 2008 in Israel. Her parents were Frieda and Siegfried Margolinski, who was a lawyer until his dismissal in 1935 due to the Nazi regulations. Edith’s family was not religious, and she received her matriculation certificate in 1931 in Berlin. She initially wanted to study mathematics, but soon went to work at an insurance association. From 1934, she received agricultural training in Belzig, Germany and later in Memel in Lithuania. From Lithuania she returned to Berlin, where she studied child care and worked in administration. Having been trained as a baby nurse, she worked with Jews from Eastern European countries at the Ahawah orphanage. She also held a number of other positions, including that of a baby nurse and at Ha'awara, a housekeeper and a dance teacher. She married Helmut F. and immigrated with him to Palestine in October 1935. They first lived in Kibbutz Givat Brenner, where Edith worked with children, but they eventually had to leave the kibbutz due to political conflicts, moving to Tel Aviv. Helmut volunteered to serve with the British military in 1940, after which the couple divorced and Edith raised her son alone. In 1954, she married Kurt Lowitsch. She was affiliated to the Hitachduth Oley Germania, the Union for German Immigrants, in Tel Aviv, Edith lived near social worker Ilse Cohn for a while, and later worked with the juvenile court judge David Reifen.
Frieda Margolinski, born Isaaksohn (1883-1944)
Siegfried Margolinski (1892-1939), a lawyer
One Sister, Gertrud (1909-2004)