Hochmann, Hanna (born Gerson)

חנה הוכמן (גרשון)
Hanna Hochmann (born Gerson) was born on 17.6.1913 in Berlin-Weissensee and died in Israel. Hanna grew up in a liberal, conservative, Jewish, non-Zionist home. In her youth, she was a member of the Jewish youth movement of the Central Verein (close to the 'Kameraden'). Hanna attended the social-pedagogical seminary (Sozialpädagogisches Seminar) of the Verein Jugendheim in Berlin-Charlottenburg and trained as a kindergarten carer/day-care provider (Kindergärtnerin/Hortnerin). In 1938, she started her Hachshara for immigration to Palestine. She established a kibbutz and worked with children in Petah Tikva. Hanna was a member of the Mapai Party (the workers' party in Israel) and was involved in educational reforms. In 1972, she volunteered as a mentor for young teachers, kindergarten carers and soldiers working with distressed children, using psychological methods.
Mirjam Gerson, (born as Margarethe Gottschalk, 23.03.1882, Berlin - 10.11.1952 in Petah Tikwa)
Jacob Gerson (22.12.1878 Grabowo, Posen - 10.06.1950 in Kfar Giladi), a merchant
Heinz Henry Gerson (08.06.1910 in Berlin)
She was married.
Age at Migration
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Archival Materials
Federal Archives, Berlin, 25 WGA 869-70/63; Alice-Salomon-Archives, Berlin
Other Sources
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