Livneh, Dr. Emmi (Löwenthal, born Strauß)

אמי ליבנה (לובנטל)
Born 27 May 1902 in Fulda - died 7 November 1953 in Jerusalem. Emmi was a member of the German-Jewish youth movement 'Kameraden' and of the trade union movement. She studied sociology and economics and held leading positions in social work in Frankfurt and Munich. After her immigration to Palestine in 1934, she worked closely with Henrietta Szold mainly in the field of social work with immigrants. Additionally, she visited the United States and studied social work with immigrants there. She founded the Union of Social Workers in Palestine.
Minna Strauß, née Levi (1877-1940)
Sally Strauß (1867-1957), a commercial employee
Trude Victor (b. 1907), a gymnastics teacher, who emigrated to the U.S.
Married in 1930 Dr. Ernst Livneh (born 1902 in Frankfurt), a lawyer. He became legal counsel of the ministry of justice in Palestine. They had a son called Micha. He studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and became a memberof Kibbutz Maayan Baru
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Archival Materials
Memories by Dr. Ernst Livneh: LBI Archives, New York (
Other Sources
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