Magnes, Chava (born Danziger)

חווה מגנס (נולדה דנציגר)
Chava Magnes (née Danziger) was born in 1914 in Germany and died 2015 in Jerusalem. She was the daughter of Malka and Felix Danziger, a social worker and a surgeon, respectively. Together with her parents and family, Chava immigrated to Palestine in 1923. She was married to David Johnny Magnes, the son of Yehuda Leyb Magness and they had one daughter. Chava was a student at the training school for social work in Jerusalem between 1935 and 1936. Later, she continued her education at the London School of Economics and in a work center in the Netherlands, Viringen an der Suider See. Chava worked together with Regina Schaechter in a welfare office in Ramat Gan in the late 1930s and into the 1940s. She headed the Hebrew youth center Beit Hanoar Haivri and was a member of the national council of Jewish Women.
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