Weihl, Elisheva (née Elisabeth Frank)

אליזבט אלישבע ווייל (נולדה פרנק)

Elisabeth Elisheva Weihl (née Frank) was born on 3.8.1895 in Germany and died on 24.2.1982 in Israel. She was the daughter of Max Frank. Elisabeth studied social work in Stuttgart prior to 1932 but did not work in the field after her training. Instead, she immigrated to Palestine around 1935, where she worked in a kindergarten in Jerusalem and learned Hebrew. In 1937 she married Dr. Eliezer Ernst Weihl and they lived in Nahariya. There, both Elisabeth and Ernst established a social aid committee. During 1937 and 1938, Elisabeth did social work for a social aid committee and, with the help of Siddy Wronsky, planned to train women to undertake social work.

Max Frank
Married to Dr. Eliezer Ernst Weihl
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