Franz Hainbach/Heinebach (Perez Uriel)

פרנץ היינבאך (פרץ אוריאלי)

Franz Hainbach/Heinebach (Perez Uriel) was born in Frankfurt/Main and was a Zionist since World War I. He studied Agriculture in Berlin and worked in the children's home Ahawah as from 1926. He might have been a member of Lehmann's Jewish settlement (Jüdisches Volksheim). He innovated the pedagogical work at Ahawah by introducing the children's council. In 1929, he immigrated to Palestine, together with Hanni and Ernst Ullmann, first to Ben Shemen, then to Palestinian Ahawah. Later, he founded his own children's home, together with his second wife Mania. In the 1950's, he directed the Alyat Hanoar Camp in Ramat Hadassah. Until 1966, he headed Shorashim school. In 1961, he was awarded the President award for his activity in education.

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Jpress; CZA (S75\4538); NLI
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