Zirker, Dora

דורה צירקר

Dora Zirker was born in 1905 in Germany. The time and place of her death are unknown. Between 1934 and 1939, Dora worked as a secretary and as a social worker at a center for Jewish social work, she also worked at a job center before immigrating to Palestine in 1939. In 1939, she worked for a few months in Kibbutz Givat Brenner. Later, she worked for a newspaper in Tel Aviv and did housework in Jerusalem. In 1942, she was recruited to the British Army, and where she worked as a stenographer and a typist. She was a candidate at the Siddy Wronsky's school for social service in Jerusalem in 1945, but it is unknown if she studied there eventually.

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Central Zionist Archives, J1/1887