Lichtenstein, Paula Ruth

פאולה רות ליכטנשטיין

Paula Ruth Lichtenstein was born on 21.7.1908 in Guben and died on 21.9.1979 in Israel. Her father was Samuel Lichtenstein, a municipal judge. The family moved to Berlin shortly before WW I broke out. She attended the Margarethen-Lyceum in Berlin and afterwards a women's school. Between 1927-1929 she was trained as Hortnerin at the Sozialpädagogische Seminar of the Verein Jugendheim Anna von Gircke, and worked as a social worker for the Jewish welfare and youth welfare office in Berlin (different recreation homes for children, i.e. Land-Erholungsheim of the city of Berlin, Scheuen/Celle in 1930, 'Berliner Jugendland' Zossen 1929-1930, Weißensee, Miersdorf). Then did her training for social work at the Soziale Frauenschule, Berlin, full course Easter 1931/33, but could not achieve the state accreditation. During her studies there she worked at legal aid for workers in Berlin. On 13.4.1933 she immigrated to Palestine. In 1933 she was one year in Kibbutz Beth Zerah and afterwards in Herzlia, both times in agricultural work. In September-October she worked as a practitioners with Mirjam Hoffert in treating German Jews immigrants. Around 1936-1937 she had to pass an internship in social work, before she was allowed to work as an official social worker since 1939. Firstly she worked at the municipality of Ramat Gan, and from 1942 onwards in Tel Aviv (half time at Jewish Soldiers Welfare Committee, 41 Lilienblum St., and half time at welfare bureau Givataim). From 1951 she worked at the government of Israel, and during the 1960's was a national supervisor in the field of youth and child care at the ministry of welfare. In 1957 lived in Kfar Saba.

Samuel Lichtenstein, a municipal judge
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ASA C2.22, C1.001; CZA (J1/7761 - her certificate); LABO 315377