Bolag, Alisa (Elisa)

עליזה בולג (סולאג)

Alisa/Elisa Bolag was born in Basel, Switzerland (year unknown) and died in Israel (year unknown). She worked in immigration welfare for the Zionist organization in Basel as a member of WIZO. She immigrated to Palestine in 1935. At first, she spent one year working in settlement houses (doing club and kindergarten work) in the Nachalat Achim quarter in Jerusalem, with Oriental Jewish communities. Later she studied at Siddy Wronsky's School for Social Service in Jerusalem, graduating with honours in 1939 and writing her final project on settlement houses and their importance to Israeli land. Later, she did her practical training in all branches of social work in Jerusalem, Tiberias and Galilee. As of 1939 she became a social worker in Afulah and surroundings, where she organized a new social welfare bureau. In 1947 she worked at the social welfare office in Nathanya.

Year of Migration
Archival Materials
Israel state archive (2151/13, letter of Wronsky from 26/10/1946 describing several social workers)ת CZA (A148/70 her work on settlement houses)