Schupler, Zwi

צבי (היינריך) שופלר

Heinrich Zwi Schupler was born in 1907 in Cologne, Germany and died in 2003 in Haifa, Israel. Heinrich's father, who was an Austrian citizen, immigrated to Germany in 1901 from the city Buczacz on the border of Ukraine/Galicia. Heinrich finished his studies in a professional commercial school, but decided eventually not to continue in this profession. In 1928, he decided to become a social worker, and began social work studies in Cologne and later in Berlin (school unknown), with an internship in treating youth populations. Heinrich Zwi was an enthusiastic Zionist, and was active to form a branch of the movement in Berlin. In 1933, Heinrich married Sarah Silbermann, with whom he immigrated to Palestine in the year 1935. The couple had a daughter. In Palestine, he initially worked as a social worker for Hitachduth Olej Germania (later Association of Jews from Central Europe). Before 1948, he started working as a welfare coordinator of the human source department in an oil commercial company, where he worked until his retirement.

Zwi was involved in founding the "Köln and Rheinland (Cologne and Rhineland) German Jews organization". He organized cultural and social activities for German immigrants in German language, which were intended to help them to gain a better understanding of the political reality in Palestine.

In his 60's, he was involved in promoting the new relationship between Israel and Germany, by corresponding with diplomatic figures in Germany and inviting them to visit Israel.

Married Sarah Silbermann in 1933, they had a daughter.
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Tefen Museum; CZA