Rothschild, Dr. Leopold Jehuda

ד"ר ליאופולד יהודה רוטשילד

Dr. Leopold Jehuda Rothschild was born in 1880 in Waltersbrück, Hessen-Nassau, Germany and died in 1957 in Tel Aviv, Israel.  He was the son of Seligmann Pinchas Rothschild and Emma Ernestine Rothschild and the brother of Jochanan Hugo Rothschild, Moses Max Rothschild and Emil Rothschild. Leopold was a Rabbi, teacher and educator. Between 1907-1913 he taught at Jewish schools in Halberstadt and from 1913-1938 he and his wife Ziporah Rothschild headed the Israeli orphan's home Dinslaken, from where he transferred a lot of children to Palestine as of 1935. In 1938, the home was destroyed by the Nazis. Some children went to Antwerp to the son of Leopold, who had a home there. Leopold immigrated to Palestine in 1938, where he did pedagogical work.  He was a board member and worked in the Yeshiva "Kol Hatora" in Jerusalem, which was established as a German Jews Yeshiva and supported Youth Alyah.

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