Samuelsdorf, Dr. Anni (born Weinreich)

ד"ר אנני סמואלסדורף (נולדה ויינרייך)
Dr. Anni Samuelsdorf (née Weinreich) was born on 31.7.1901 in Pinsk, then Poland, and died on 7.2.1972 in Tel Aviv. She was the daughter of Shaul Weinreich and Rachel Lurie, and the sister of Frieda Weinreich, Ismar Weinreich and Max Weinreich. She was well known as a Jewish social worker in pre-war Germany. From 1933 until she emigrated to Palestine in 1936, she was head of the Retraining Department of the Reichsvertretung. In 1957 the Hebrew university assigned Dr Samuelsdorf to help establish Friends organizations in different places in Germany. Then Felix Shinnar informed the university that all activities of Israeli public organizations would have to be approved by a special committee at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem. Dr Samuelsdorf succeeded over the next 15 years in establishing societies of Friends of the Hebrew University in Berlin, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, and Munich, which were headed by prominent figures in German academic and cultural life.
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