Hanf-Weinreich, Frieda

פרידה ויינרייך
Frieda Hanf-Weinreich (née Weinreich) was born in 1898 in Pinsk (then Poland, now Belarus) and died in 1965 in Haifa. She was the daughter of Shaul Weinreich and Rachel Lurie, and sister of the social worker Dr. Anni Samuelsdorf, Ismar Weinreich and Max Weinreich. She worked in Dresden with children at risk, endangered and criminal youth and headed the unemployment service for women. Later she headed the health department at the Zentralwohlfahrtsstelle der Juden in Deutschland (ZWST) in Berlin. She immigrated to Palestine in 1935, and was married to Dr. Otto Hanf (1889–?), who immigrated to Palestine in 1938. After her immigration to Palestine Frieda was the first social worker at the new Jewish colonies – the moshavot. She was also involved at the disposal of the organization of the Jews from Germany, the Hitachdut Olej Germania (now Hitachdut Olej Merkaz Europa), and took charge of the organization's employment and careers advice bureau. During the 1930s, she was also involved in trying to help Jewish female immigrants who had just arrived at the ports of Jaffa and Haifa. When the State of Israel was established, she became an official at the Ministry of Welfare. She retired a few years later but continued her welfare activities in Haifa in a voluntary capacity, and founded the citizens' advice bureau in Haifa.
Rachel Weinreich (born Lurie)
Shaul Weinreich
Dr. Anni Samuelsdorf (1901-1972), a social worker who also immigrated to Palestine
Ismar Weinreich
Max Weinreich
Was married to Dr. Otto Hanf.
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