Turnowsky-Pinner, Margarete (born Pinner)

Courtesy of Tami Shaked
מרגרט/מרגרתה טורנובסקי-פינר

Dr Margarete (Grete) Turnowsky-Pinner (née Pinner) was born on 27.2.1884 in Kościan (Poland) and died in January 1982 in Tel Aviv. Before World War I, her family moved to Berlin , where she studied at a teachers' seminary, and later on a sociology course, and graduated with a PhD. Margarete worked at the Jewish employment exchange and published papers in several journals, as the ‘Jüdische Rundschau’ and some periodicals of Jewish welfare agencies. She was engaged at the Jewish Settlement ‘Jüdisches Volksheim’ run by Siegfried Lehmann in Berlin and worked with Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe. Margarete was married to Walter Turnowsky, a graphic designer who founded the well-known Turnowsky design company in Israel. During her first stay in Palestine, she worked in Jerusalem as a pedagogue between 1925 and 1927. From 1930 to 1933, she held a leading position for the Scholarship and Welfare Fund of the Schocken department store, founded by Salman Schocken. Margarete immigrated finally to Palestine in 1933, after her divorce, and settled in Tel Aviv. There, she began to work with German-Jewish immigrants. Additionally, she published sociological essays and studies concerning social work in the Yishuv.

Elisabeth Pinner (born Bernstein)
Sigismund Pinner
Was married to Walter Turnowsky, a graphic designer who developed in Israel the well known Turnowsky design company. They got divorced in the late 1920s)
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Archival Materials
Leo-Baeck-Insitute, Berlin/New York/Jerusalem; Central Zionist Archives, Jerusalem (J1\2975); LEVON