Wagner-Tauber, Lina (née Tauber)

רחל לינה ואגנר (נולדה טאובר)

Rachel Lina Wagner-Tauber (née Tauber) was born on 3.7.1872 in Tukum in Lithuania to Eitel and Wolf Tauber and died on 12.12.1935 in Tel Aviv. Her sister was Frieda Ryfka Schumacher. In 1903, Lina married Jacob H. Wagner (1860-1925), a well-known member of the Jewish community in Nachot, Austria. Jacob owned a library of about 18.000 volumes of Judaica and Hebraica, which was ultimately contributed to the Neue Synagoge, the New Synagogue in Berlin. Rachel and Jacob had two sons, Zwi and Moses/Mosche Wagner. When women were given the right to vote and stand for election in Germany, she and Bertha Falkenberg (1876–1946) were the first women to become members of Berlin’s assembly of representatives. Wagner-Tauber co-founded the first Zionist women's organization in Germany, the Jewish-National Women's Union. In addition, she was involved with the Ahawa orphanage in Berlin and established soup kitchens for Jews from Eastern Europe. After her immigration to Palestine in 1932, she worked as a social worker and author, publishing in the German-Jewish journal Jüdische Rundschau and in other outlets. Rachel was one of the founders and a board member of the Ichud Association of central European Jews, where she also led the public welfare department. She wrote and published the books Jüdische Spiele, or Jewish Games, Jüdische Märchen, or Jewish Fairytales and Sagen dem Midrasch nacherzählt, or Legends: Retelling the Midrash.

Eitel Emilie Tauber
Wolf Tauber
Frieda Ryfka Schumacher
Married Jacob H. Wagner (1860 - 1925) in 1903, owned a library. They had two sons (Zwi and Moses/Mosche Wagner)
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