Fränkel-Eliner, Dora

Deborah/Dora Fränkel-Eliner (née Fränkel) was born on 30.11.1904 in Munich and died in 1982 in Israel. She was the daughter of Siegmund Aviezri Fraenkel (born in 1860 in Munich, died in 1925), who was a Jewish orthodox merchant and emigrated to Palestine in 1939. Her mother was Charlotte Haia, née Neuburger (1868–1965), who emigrated to Palestine in 1934. Her siblings were Abraham Adolf Halevi (1891–1965, Professor of Mathematics, em. to Palestine in 1933), Dr phil Yoel Ogen Fränkel (1892–1973, a statistician and merchant, em. to P. in 1938, Paula Tirza Levinger (born in 1901, em. to P. in 1933). Deborah married Eliezer Eliner, M.A. (born in 1904 in Libau, Latvia), a teacher who worked at Hebrew University. After 1920, Deborah did agricultural Hakhsharah (a training programme) and was a member of the ‘Blau-Weiss’ youth movement and the Zionist Federation. Until 1926, she worked in the Ahawah Jewish orphanage in Berlin. She studied social work in Munich and graduated in 1929. Between 1929 and 1930 she was a social worker in Frankfurt, and between 1931 and 1934 in Munich. Additionally, she was a ministry official. Deborah emigrated to Palestine in May 1934, was married to Rabbi Eliezer Eliner (the couple had no children), and immediately started to work with Henrietta Szold in the ‘Youth Aliyah’, where she was in charge of the religious youth department. In this position, she recommended the establishment of religious youth villages in Palestine. She also worked for the Mizrachi women's movement in Jerusalem with the unemployed. Between 1941 and 1945 she headed the labourers' department at Hapoel HaMizrachi. Between 1945 and 1947, Eliezer was sent by the National Council to Italy, for educational work at the Jewish refugees' camps, accompanied by Deborah. During 1947 and the 1950s, Deborah worked at the Jewish Agency as the head social worker for the Oleh (Jewish immigration). Between 1948 and 1962 she directed the district of Jerusalem's department for immigrant integration. She was also in charge of social welfare at the Ma'abarot refugee absorption camp. Between 1954 and 1970, she held a leading position at the ministry of social welfare. Over the years she continued to work and volunteer in welfare, immigration and education institutions in Jerusalem. She was awarded the Jerusalem Prize for social work.
Charlotte Haia, born Neuburger (1868-1965), emigrated to Palestine in 1934.
Siegmund Aviezri Fränkel (born 1860 in Munich, died 1925), a merchant , emigrated to Palestine in 1939.
Abraham Adolf Halevi (1891-1965), Prof. for Mathematics (emigrated to Palestine in 1933); Dr. phil Yoel Ogen Fraenkel (1892-1973), a staticioan and merchant (emigrated to Palestine in 1938); Paula Tirza (born 1901, emigrated to Palestine in 1933).
Was married to Eliezer Eliner (1904 in Libau, Latvia- 1982 in Israel), M.A., teacher, worked at Hebrew University. He Immigrated in May 1934. They had no children.
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Central Zionist Archives, Jerusalem; Archive of the religiouse Kibutz (ארכיון הקיבוץ הדתי)