Preuss-Porat, Bella (born Hamburger)

בלה פרויס-פורת (נולדה המבורגר)
Bella Preuss-Porat (née Hamburger) was born around 1900 in Hamburg, Germany and died in Israel (year unknown). Bella immigrated to Palestine in 1921 with the Blau- Weiß youth movement, first living in Jerusalem and later in Tel Aviv. She studied at the Siddy Wronsky School of Social Work. Following graduation, Bella worked with Jewish immigrants and refugees in the immigration department of the Jewish Agency in Tel Aviv between 1933-1940. During that time, in correspondence with Dr. Giora Lotan, she complained to the Jewish Agency about the lack of resources and low salaries for social workers. She also became involved in political struggles between the department of social work in Tel Aviv and the Jewish Agency. Bella was a member of the Achduth Haavoda-Poaley Zion movement. Her first husband was Dr. Walter Preuss, a Jewish-German economist and social worker, and the couple had one child. Her second husband was Prof Grushke.
Her first husband was Dr Walter Preuss, a Jewish-German economist and social worker in Israel / Paletsine. They had a son. Her second husband was Prof. Grushke, a Professor for medicine
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Central Zionist Archives, Jerusalem (J1\33059)